Team TEDxSSC 2014

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If you’re going to organize a great event, you must have a great team. TEDxSSC 2014 has been possible thanks to a group of dedicated people passionate about TED and ideas worth spreading. It is their dedication, passion and hard work that made TEDxSSC 2014 a success.

Here are all the people who participated in our fantastic team:

Emanuele Francesco Pecora – Chief organizer Roberta Sinatra – Co-chair and sponsorship manager Daniele Virgillito – Co-chair and content editor Leonardo Bellocchi – Lead organizer Michele Calabretta – Lead organizer Federica Giordano – Lead organizer Cristoforo Grasso – Lead organizer Alessandra Romano – Lead organizer Giovanni Gallo – Faculty advisor Lina Scalisi – Faculty advisor Marco Galvagno – Faculty member Emanuele Bocchieri – Staff member Maria Sanfilippo – Staff member Violetta Lima – Social media manager Matteo Orlando – Social media manager Bruno Abbate – Media producer Andrea Cordaro – Media producer Giampaolo Pitruzzello – Media producer Cecilia Corsaro – Press secretary Laura Belotti – Graphic designer Fabio Galessi – Graphic designer

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